Where The Wild Things Are.2009.Spike Jonze


I always thought that Hollywood is usually safe with the release of children’s films. Just this past year, we had a lot of family friendly films with the likes of Up, Planet 51, The Princess and the Frog, and Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs. Now, there has been a slight change when you say that a film is child friendly. They’ve actually darkened some of the recent films that include Coraline and this film.

I was surprised when I got to watch the first twenty minutes of this film. It was quite different if they’ve actually branded this one for the General Patronage. In summing up on how the film was catered, it felt like that it was an emotional film for the younger generation.

Now, using that topic for being emotional and a lot of angst from people nowadays, then, you can cater this film to a wider audience, not just for the little kiddies. In fact, you might even scare the little child if you let them watch this film. I guess with the use of mascot type of minor players placed this film on the weird level. As we’re all used to a kinder outlook of the minor players most of the time and instead they usually go to the antagonist’s side, think of the film The Spiderwick Chronicles.

I know that this was based on a children’s book, so I’m not actually extending any more questions on why the child acted on such but focusing more on the actual world is refreshing in such a sense that the dark theme was magnificently portrayed. I mean, creating a world like that from a kid’s point of view is upped on a higher imaginary level. Despite the dead tone of the film, it proved that it is also good to see mostly nature colored details.

Probably, one of the hippest things I’ve encountered in this film is the effective use of the Indie-like music played all throughout the film. I’m an Indie rock fan, and it added the value of the film, for me, IMHO.

So, here’s a tip for the parents, the best thing that you can do about this film is to let your young ones watch it and be sure that you’ll be there when they catch this film. No scary moments, just a little shock value for the kiddies.


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