Good Bye Lenin!.2003.Wolfgang Becker


So this film was the other German film I watched in the week that was. I am starting to love the German films that have been shown from the past eleven years, it includes Der Untergang, The Lives Of Others and Baader Meinhof Complex. And probably, with a mix of drama and politics, the Germans have become successful with its use that even Good Bye Lenin! used that same formula and I still loved the way the story was portrayed.

Let us go first with its main story. We have here a son who loves his mom so much that he stages something, almost next to impossible, so that his mom won’t be surprised with the current events that are happening with East Germany. You see her mom needs a lot of rest and relaxation because she just suffered a near heart attack and a not so long comatose.

The film might look a little bit like farfetched, with his son’s craziness and a sort of non-acceptance with reality, he tried to defy what was really needed and instead tried to give his mother what he thinks is appropriate. It was wonderfully shown, the son created home made videos of news and he salvaged old consumer products and transferred the contents to the old bottles.

Now, the story doesn’t just rely with the family’s dilemma. It also tackled the unification of Germany with the reason why the son had to hide the mother from reality, for obvious reasons, it also included television and media and even the events on the bedroom window.

The film also featured a number of references. The one that gives us the most obvious scene is the sex scene part feature in the film A Clockwork Orange.

This film is quite new actually for me regarding the German cinema. I was quite aware with the war films and some heavy produced political movies but this one proved that there will always be a son who’ll do everything for his mom.


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