Law Abiding Citizen.2009.F. Gary Gray


I was not keen on grabbing a copy of this film. Two reasons: Jamie Foxx’s The Soloist is not that amusing and Gerard Butler, for me, is quite overrated, I know that he is an action star but something is lacking. So, someone informed me that I should watch this film and boy, was he right when he told me that the film was good.

An action film is actually one of the hardest things to produce; it comes second to comedy. Usually the script always is the same. With the recent trend in action films, it was always with the change on the “art direction” of the action sequences. I know writers and directors are always on a look out on various techniques that they can incorporate with their film. If you’re going to check the history of film, the great action films rely on the awesome storyline.

Now, Law Abiding Citizen proved to be quite different. It didn’t give us your usual action storyline. It wasn’t meant to go through the anti-hero route but it was more on a view of realism. The film went with the idea that life is still important and sadly, it gave us also the idea that compromises will always stick with us and stay.

The set-up of the film was also effective. The idea of revenge proved that it doesn’t come overnight. And don’t you just love it when sometimes during the course of the film; it keeps you awake and thinking. It was one of those moments when the plot twists will prove you wrong and will give you surprises, which is actually what newer movies should bring.

I don’t know about this but if the arrangement of the film is quite obvious and I might be the only one liking it. It doesn’t really matter since I enjoyed the film and I do hope there’ll be more of these types of action films in the future.


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