Office Space.1999.Mike Judge


If there is one film that closely tackles the working Information Technology community then this is the right movie for those employees who want to watch it. It has already gathered the cult status level and Mike Judge, the director, left his legacy for the working class as a few people were really telling him that the film inspired them to quit their job.

Coming from an IT company, I can closely relate on how the characters and how the whole office was was portrayed. I guess there is something with the computer people and the lack of initiative with its people inside the organization of an IT company. You see, the lowest people on the organizational branch, in reality, are just the drones of the company. They have no say in anything and it was really an eye opener, especially when this film came out a decade ago, for the IT sector.

Now, the film gives us actually a sort of familiarity with reality. The employees do get bored with the jobs due to the routine work. Then, there are times when people tend to not do anything due to lack of projects and redundancy. And there’s the obvious insensitiveness of a logical employee.

Don’t forget that this film is meant to be funny. And it was funny. There were a few eight out of ten laugh out loud moments and if The Office, the television series, wasn’t existing as of today, it could’ve created a ten out of ten laugh out loud decibels. No worries though, the material still looked fresh in a way since it focused more on the IT industry with a bullying boss on the side.

Despite the film, having a few misconceptions, like IT employees not partying hard or basically, the portrayal of the plot twist leaving the protagonists weak, and probably an easy exit of the film, it didn’t matter because the point of the film gives the weak IT employees a new light to the word initiative. I mean it really took a film to explain that employees have rights too and it was fun to see the wacky world of IT in a cartoon-ish style brought to us by Mike Judge.


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