The Crying Game.1992.Neil Jordan


I’m still trying to be at ease when watching films with regards to guys showing their penises on camera. Mind you, not all films are that show the male sex organ only portrays those that leads to homosexuality. There are times when the guy just needs to let it all loose, think Bruno if you’ve seen it already. Nonetheless, this film is quite different. It proves that two decades ago, shock films have been made available to the mainstream and I know I’ve only heard of this film when I fell in love with cinema lately and all I can say is the cat in me was curious all of a sudden on what film it is.

Rarely do we find films that mix illegal organizations and sexuality. I know an illegal organization of a film is already a good base plot for the whole story. It was different this time. We have a British soldier, played by Forest Whitaker (Platoon, Good Morning Vietnam, and The Last King Of Scotland), who was kidnapped by terrorists. He was able to make friends with one of his captors. The captor found out about the British’s girlfriend and during one of the raids, everyone was killed except for the captor who was befriended by the British soldier. He, the looked for the British’s girlfriend, probably to inform her of the situation, and with a slight twist, he falls in love with her.

Neil Jordan, the director, was able to show this film in a dark mood. It was wonderfully used all throughout the film mainly telling the audiences that there might be something with the film that you’re still not seeing or you’ve seen it already and it was quite appropriate for the said mood. I was able to watch Interview With A Vampire, to which he also directed this film, and it was well understood that he loved the dark scenario for his films. And despite The Butcher Boy’s setting on a lighter attitude, the story proved grin and he could’ve wanted it that way to surprise the audience.

1992 proved its worthiness by letting this film win for the Academy Award’s Best Screenplay; with its content I’m sure it was a little bit better than Husbands and Wives, Lorenzo’s Oil or Unforgiven.

It was quite weird though, I was trying to check if the film provided A-listers. I know that Forest might not be in that position but after Platoon, I know he could’ve been an A-lister before. If you are a Harry Potter fan and you want to watch Rita Skeeter two decades ago, you might want to catch Miranda Richardson in this film.

A shock film can always prove its shock value even if you’ve already provided spoilers to the viewer. And this film is a great example for that. Remember my first paragraph in this post; you have to take note of that. The film might be good for a one time viewing but you still have to catch this twenty year old movie.


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