American History X.1998.Tony Kaye


Sometimes you just need to watch something strong; something that would affect you even if you already know that things that are right or not. And sometimes it is really memorable if you see a film that reminds us of the horrors of war, racism, and modern gangs.

Tony Kaye’s, the director, initial hit film provides us with the journey of an angry neo-nazi man who tries to tell his story to his younger brother hoping to prevent him from doing the same vicious scene that he did years before. It is portrayed in the eyes of the younger brother through a term paper that was forcefully required by the principal.

Despite this film shown over a decade ago, it was actually still fresh if it was shown today. This is actually a good film for students especially to those kids who are starting a radical mind. It provides a good example, though with the graphic scenes provided, a parental consent is needed.

I have always adored Edward Norton with his extraordinary dramatic skills. Who would forget him from the film Primal Fear as a disturbed teen or even a schizophrenic fight hungry individual in Fight Club? Now, this film supplies us with a dual role, one of which is chaotic and a savior for another.

This may come as spoilery but this film provided a very tattoo-ic scene where Norton killed a person with just using the sidewalk pavement. Aside from that, the iconic nazi marks shown all over the place and even the portrayal of an immoral way of justice. I guess it was clear in this film, that racism is not welcome in our society nowadays. The vision of the director to put balance in such a way of giving us the bad and the worse side of the situation is simply brilliant and magnificent.

The film actually gives a hanging momentum and it was impressive for the movie to offer us to think and to fill in the blanks after you’ve watched the film. That actually places the viewers to be part of the film and you wouldn’t actually mind that it was provided that way.


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