Ded Na Si Lolo.2009.Soxy Topacio


I’m at a lost actually when I first watched this film. It was borderline drama comedy. This film is actually the Philippines’ official entry to the Oscars. It tries to define on how a family handles a pre-burial and its supposed ceremonies and superstition and I may say that this film is interesting in a lot of levels.

At first it may seem tasteless when you watch this film. Whoever wanted to sell something to the Academy about death and humor all rolled into one? It was as if when this film was created it followed the run of Departures that got the Academy nod for the best foreign film last year.

As said, this film is about the death of a father and how the children would react during the wake. In our country, we tend to do a lot of superstitions, from not taking a bath in the same house where the corpse is or by just simply saying thanks. Someone reacted in IMDB that the film is a piece of crap, the thing is the events and all the superstitions portrayed in the film are ninety-nine percent accurate. And it usually happens to the lower class of the society. Some people may not accept it but the storyline is actually true. It is just that sometimes the scenes tend to over-react but it is quite obvious that this is for cinematic purposes only.

Now, it was tried and tested earlier on adult people that I am related with. It wasn’t offensive. Yes, our culture may have some bad tastes in what happens during on a supposedly solemn moment but these things do happen and it was really amusing for the screenwriter to research on the different superstitions provided in the film.

Well, maybe, the only thing that is missing in this film is the technical aspect. It seems that it was not meant to be perfected for an obvious reason, that the producer got a lot of veteran actors in the film. With the likes of Gina Alajar, Manilyn Reynes, and even Elizabeth Oropesa, who would have asked for more? In addition, a veteran actor reprises a role he is well known for.

The film may not be Oscar material but this film is best viewed for the common family. I’m sure they’ll appreciate it as if they’re just watching moving pictures in a mirror.


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