Sherlock Holmes.2009.Guy Ritchie


I have to admit this first. The dialogues for this film were extremely heavy. I’m Asian and it is really hard for us to check out the slang and the words spoken in the film. And even with that, I didn’t care about it; it was just awesome to see a new Guy Ritchie, the director, film. Who would’ve thought that Robert Downey, Jr would be able to pull up something like this? Yes, the film is that impressive.

There are a lot of things to say about this film and let us start first with how Sherlock Holmes was portrayed. Gone is the geeky look with matching magnifying glass. Gone is the straight up Sherlock alongside another geeky looking Dr. Watson. Ritchie removed that and gave us a more realistic look of the “boring” Sherlock Holmes story. We all know that Sherlock should look diligent and this time, a rugged, kick-ass, Holmes was depicted.

The trademark Guy Ritchie is actually found all over the film. The use of slow motion and fist fights were memorable. The quirky and smart script was well delivered by RDJ, Jude Law, and the rest of the actors. And basically, the film that defined Ritchie’s earlier films, as kick-ass, maintained that adjective.

I am a Guy Ritchie fan. I deeply enjoyed Lock, Stock, and Two Smoking Barrels and Snatch. I kind of enjoyed Rocknrolla and am just glad that I wasn’t able to catch Slept Away up until now. Also, Ritchie should stick with this genre. Using the kick-ass genre in films and even remaking it to look kick-ass such as Sherlock Holmes.

It was also safe for the script writers on how they were able to pull this one through. With the given era, no modern devices were revealed and instead gave us the basic science stuff with a little twist of certain psychological abnormalities of a person, Sherlock Holmes was also given with this kind of portrayal, if you’ve been watching Psych the TV series then you’d probably get the idea.

Jude Law was also awesome in this film and it was quite obvious that he provided the necessary support for RDJ. Even Rachel McAdams, despite a very different look, was able to play a very devious character and in case you cough up a few bucks for this film then I’m sure you’ll say that the ticket was all worth it.

And one of the most important ingredients in this film is the use of humor. As said, a smart script gives a boost for an action film. It added to the definition of this film as an impressive all around film for the year 2009.


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