The Messenger.2009.Oren Moverman


I find post-war films boring. I mean given a chance to watch this, I’d rather just play video games or even read a book. It is always clear that war is stupid and no one wants to see the recurring scenes of those sad families of soldiers to whom they lost during the war. Now, there comes a time when you accidentally watch a film that gives the remarkable story of the soldiers who bring out the bad news to the families.

So, I’m not actually surprised when Woody Harrelson was nominated for the Golden Globes for his role in this film. It was worth it. If you try to go back to 2009, there are only a few actors who were really memorable even if they are on a supporting role. Probably 2009 was actually a banner year for this guy. I mean he gave us an awesome zombie killer role in Zombieland and a short lived prophetic guy in 2012. He is that great.

I am waiting for This Side of the Looking Glass, Oren Moverman’s, the director, next film. Probably the way the film was represented. This movie actually reminds me of that bringer of bad news films. The idea may actually be easy. You can just get the idea from the families of the dead soldiers but the hard part is on how you’ll be able to portray the film without it looking like one of those usual war films. I mean we’re actually tired of that genre and this is a great breather for those who love the drama-war types of movies.

Also, I thought that they were actually running out of ideas, I’m referring to Hollywood. It was quite endearing that they were able to portray the other side of the die. Just think about this, if you put yourself in their shoe, you’d probably think twice before you do it. I mean no human being is willing to be the bearer of bad news. It is just that they are soldiers and it is their duty to inform.

Despite some kinks on how the soldiers were portrayed, I guess those things were actually important. As said, no one wants a depressing job and they needed escape and I am just glad that a film like this came out last year. And I am gladder that I was able to watch it.


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