Unforgiven.1992.Clint Eastwood


I had to do a research first before actually watching this film. I am not actually amused with Westerns. There is always that hot weather feeling whenever I’m watching it. Though I actually enjoyed The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly, the heart doesn’t want to go to that genre. Now, I tried watching this film and it paved way, for me, to try to watch more Western films.

The story goes like this; a prostitute was slashed by a couple of cowboys. The prostitutes decide to put a reward on the cowboy suspects for what they did to their colleague. The town sheriff brings in justice in a less violent way but since this is the old cowboy era, it didn’t work out that way. It came to a point that the sheriff and his boys took out a “savior” for the prostitutes. Enter a young kid who invites Clint Eastwood to bring out the justice that includes the bounty of course, for the prostitutes.

I found the real meaning of a western movie when I was able to watch this film. Despite a sure-fire violent scene/s, you can’t help but check that the genre is actually a drama, a slow kind of drama actually. And Clint Eastwood, the director and also the lead actor, was able to rejuvenate the genre almost two decades ago.

During the time that this came out, the Western genre was considered actually as classics, except probably with Young Guns or Dances With Wolves. But this one is a sure solid Western film.

With Gene Hackman winning an Academy for the best supporting role, and Eastwood with, a best director and a best picture nod, I was not surprised with the wins that this film received. It was probably the right time for Eastwood to give his dues to the genre who gave him his first break.

I was practically impressed with how the story was made. I always thought that cowboy films are no-brainers. You know the usual I’ll take the girl and you try to kill me by doing the gun battle on the middle of the street with your usual flute type of music. That was probably the factor on why I always thought that all western films are the same. But after watching this film, I actually enjoyed it and I admit, I was wrong with what I had in mind all along.


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