Ninja Assassin.2009.James McTeigue


This film didn’t create much stir when it was showed on our local theaters. The factor of Rain having the lead role didn’t come up as a good thing for the film. Amidst that case, I may say that a few people could’ve still wanted to see it because the producers are the Wachowski Brothers of The Matrix fame.

The story is fairly simple and since this is a “ninja” film, it can only offer us with the idea of ninjas fighting other ninjas. It was not much of a brainless film; I think the heavy effects were the one that carried this movie. The plot didn’t matter, though it would be nice if there was a better storyline. As I kept on telling myself that maybe this time, a film related to the Wachowskis would provide us something awesome once again.

Despite the Wachowskis losing lately in Hollywood, except for the wonderful V For Vendetta, I can still say that this is a fair film. Again, one of the major contributors on why this film failed in our country is the notion that they would see the actor Rain once again. He was quite forgettable in one of our local television advertisements that most of us Filipinos could’ve hated the sight of it.

I’m still telling myself though that I do want to watch a film that doesn’t give us Rain or any of those annoying Asian actors. I don’t hate them actually; I’m just tired at seeing their faces.

So, let us get to what this film’s essence is; the incredible use of special effects is once again portrayed. It was like Kill Bill, effects wise, all over again. And it was still impressive to use the idea of ninjas and again, heavy effects. This film is considered as a cool film taking out its storyline. It doesn’t matter much if the film didn’t deliver much on the narrative, I think sometimes we just have to watch something that is totally brainless and still enjoy it. With a lot of “brainy” films nowadays, and to add that those films doesn’t provide good kick-ass moving image, you might want to watch this one, even once and it wouldn’t hurt you much.

This film is not forgettable but it is not memorable. As said, this is one of those days when you’d like to say that you can watch a senseless movie and never hate yourself about it.


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  1. it a good film…..i like it very much..hope you will make a good film in future….i love her who was killed……..

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