Romper Stomper.1992.Geoffrey Wright


Way before Russell Crowe hit it big with L.A. Confidential and bigger with Gladiator, there was an “unknown” film entitled Romper Stomper. This was a hit in Australia eons ago and it gave that American History X feel. So, imagine that, there were awesome neo-Nazi films way before Edward Norton killed that guy on the pavement; this time, Russell Crowe kicked-ass in one way or another.

If you are a fan of ultra-violence then this is the right film for you. It starts off with those neo-Nazis kicking the asses of an Asian minority. The ass-kicking blew up on their faces as the Asians were able to fight back triumphantly. It doesn’t end there though, it still continues on how the remaining neo-Nazis, led by Russell Crowe, live in hiding.

This is certainly one of those films that teaches the society on what senseless violence can contribute and how it can really create havoc even in the smallest detail. I liked it when the film was given a bright light at the end of the tunnel. It wasn’t as wicked as A Clockwork Orange and it wasn’t as ironic as American History X. It was just plain right.

The acting was marvelous of course. I mean, I’ve been exposed with American films that there are other countries that can provide violence in films and still instill the beauty of hostility in it.

I am quite sure that when this film was shown, it could’ve created a stir especially to those countries who does not adore violence. I was not surprised when Crowe top-billed this film. He had this kind of aggression that is distinct despite giving us a schizophrenic approach with the film, A Beautiful Mind.

Eighteen have passed and the richness of the film is still there. It is still nice to watch something that old since the craziness of the younger generation is existing decade after decade. It is just on how the craziness is portrayed. And despite its approach, it doesn’t matter; there is still a moral at the end of the film.


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