The Lovely Bones.2009.Peter Jackson


Amidst a few or most people who found the film mediocre, this film did made the critics think that this is a bad film. Probably due to a bad execution from a director who gave us Heavenly Creatures and the Lord Of The Rings trilogy. Even those who read the book complained that Peter Jackson, the director, wasn’t able to put the material into good use. And with that feedback, I tried to check this film out if they are telling the truth.

So, I haven’t read the book. The film boasts of awards for one of the leading child actress, Saoirse Ronan and she was actually impressive all throughout the film. Among others, we actually have a good cast with the likes of Mark Wahlberg, Rachel Weisz, and Susan Sarandon.

Now, I may have an idea on why this one went bad with the critics. It was as simple as this; the film didn’t create any impact. Despite of the wonderful world for the dead, it didn’t give us the supposedly exciting scenes. I mean if you know that there’s a killer around, there should be a thrilling effect for the viewer. This one didn’t give us that chill. It could be the split scenes of the dead and the real world. The “underworld” provided a very uplifting look and the real world provided us the life way back in the seventies. The only time it felt creepy, in a very small way, was when she was killed in an underground room.

For me, I didn’t find the film that bad. I mean Jackson had a fair share of “bad” films with the likes of The Frighteners and King Kong, I enjoyed The Frighteners though. Maybe, the film was just hyped up and it fell really short that the cinephiles hated what they saw. I found it interesting actually, even the world of the dead. It was as if, it was giving us humans a wonderful way of looking at the place on what we would achieve after we die.

I never thought that Susan Sarandon was part of the cast, maybe she was underused. Although if that’s the case, Wahlberg, somehow gave a fair acting job as a father and it would’ve been a lot nicer if the killer was extremely creepy.

Now, I would just like to say again that this film is a nice film to watch but don’t expect much. Keep your hopes down or take out the fact that the director is Peter Jackson. I mean a thriller of a film always goes with the hits or miss business. Maybe sometime in the future, someone would be brave enough to engorge on a remake for this film and try to level up the critics.


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