Youth In Revolt.2009.Miguel Arteta


I’m just glad that “teen” movies are headed this way. I’m kind of tired watching sex-filled teen films that I opt to watch it while I’m cautiously eating my brain in exchange for popcorn. Well, the thing is, for obvious reasons, it is quite hard to create a film for teens that would make up as a hit and I am just glad that Miguel Arteta, the director, gave us Youth In Revolt.

This is still a teen-sex film. To put it in a way that our main character wishes that he would be able to do his first time sex with the girl of his dreams. The thing is this was sent in a different direction. Remember Fight Club? Use the idea of visual schizophrenia of a shy and introvert person over its opposite and that’s what you get from our male lead.

It was fascinating whenever the “cool” alter-ego would have a scene beside our protagonist. Holding a cigarette and acting cool like one of those Italian guys you probably would hate due to their suave over women and practically over other cool things that you cannot do on a daily basis. Obviously, not all of those things are actually “cool” in real life; well, if you think blowing up a vehicle is cool then I won’t create a debate with you anymore.

Sometimes I find it in a different awe that Michael Cera can actually pull something like this. I mean, you could’ve seen him on Juno and Superbad and you know that he’s always given with those stereotypical roles that once you see the sign of this film in a movie house, you might opt to watch the other film and not this. But this film is kind of different, I’m quite sure that he was able to do this part because it fits him.

The main logic of the film is quite silly actually, like what most sex teen films provide. This one was able to escape the American Pie effect and instead was able to rely on some smart and crazy script that not all people would love.


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