Targs says: Film Suggestions For The Up And Coming Holy Week 2010.


So, I haven’t had any updates for this site lately. I deeply apologize for that. That’s like an almost two months worth of supposedly awesome film reviews and articles. Oh, remove the awesome part, just the plain old film reviews and articles. With the personal life succumbing with this particular extra-curricular activity, I was able to grab a few ideas on the upcoming annual Roman Catholic’s last week of Lent, or Holy Week in short.

Here are my suggestions. It is actually nice since, if you’re willing, to grab those films via your nearest video store or even download a copy via the Internet and ready them for next week.

I hope you find the list interesting and you can also suggest films you’ve already seen. I’ll try to do this one annually but I know the derivation of the list might be a little bit minimal, but hey, who cares; right?

I’ll also be providing introductions on what to watch per day and I have three films in the list that I haven’t had the time to watch yet.

For Maundy Thursday, you can watch films that are leading to our pop culture. And the list of films is as follows:

Chariots Of Fire – Let us start with a drama made in the early eighties where we have two track athletes, one a Jew and another, a Catholic who competed in the 1924 Olympics. As religion affects their student stature, it portrays the journey of the two men as the film envelopes until the mild highlight of the film. This film won four Oscars, one of which is in the Best Picture category.

The Green Mile – Apparently, this is a Stephen King film and this one gives us the power of mystery. To push this movie to the theme, the stipulation of this film as a miracle is enough to be part of the list. It stars Tom Hanks and Michael Clarke Duncan and nominated for four Oscars.

Saved! – To keep you awake, the Macaulay Culkin – Mandy Moore starer is a good film to let you engage with your love of your religion. The film might look that it is putting religion in a bad light but looking deeper into the film, it actually gives more. Some say the film sloped down from the middle to the end but it doesn’t matter, the idea of the film itself is quite interesting already.

Oro, Plata, Mata – The only Filipino film in the list, this epic Peque Gallaga film gives us the journey of a Filipino family fighting for their lives during the World War II era. Apparently, the demons are actually near and it doesn’t come from foreign blood. This film contains nudity and gore, be wary if kids are around.

The Prince Of Egypt – To lighten up the mood, we can convey with this all-star voiced cast that proved to the world that even the story of Moses can still be a hit in the animated world. Yes, you can let the kids watch the film this time.

Pay It Forward – The perfect drama to fill up the six films for the day. This one stars Helen Hunt and Haley Joel Osment on what life is if everyone started to be selfless even for just a few people. If you’ve actually had the time to see this one before, then this is a great time to watch it again; such a perfect movie for the “occasion”.

For Good Friday, this is the day where we have to respect the death of Christ and such. You can insert two hours of your time to watch the seven last words at around three in the afternoon. Avoidance of oh so happy films are actually suggested and instead, try to catch the films listed below.

Ben-hur – The action-adventure film full of action, adventure, and drama, with Charlton Heston as Ben-hur on the side. I’m sure you could’ve watched this already when you were young and I wouldn’t hurt you much to sit down for three hours again to watch this Oscar winning epic.

Ikiru – Moving with the slow pace, the Akira Kurosawa directed drama shows us on how should a person live. As instincts will always tell us that survival is always important but what if the time is already ticking? This movie is actually perfect for Good Friday, it teaches the good life despite the Judases around it.

The Passion Of The Christ – Some may say that this film is actually unqualified for viewing but don’t you think it is just appropriate to see the suffering of Jesus Christ physically? I believe that this film was meant to show it all and you must be a brave soul to watch it.

Gospel According To Matthew – With the great reviews this film have been getting, and I haven’t seen this one yet, I think this Pasolini film is a great biography-drama to be shown right after the seven last words. With its high aesthetics, this might be hard to comprehend but I just have to say that you must give this film a chance; like me.

The Ten Commandments – Who can forget this awesome epic? When this was shown locally decades ago, it was actually applauded by the audience due to its superb effects during that time. And I am sure you wouldn’t mind to watch it all over again.

Dead Man Walking – To close the list, we have Tim Robbins directed film with awesome actors Sean Penn and Susan Sarandon on the side. To relate this one with religion, Susan plays a nun who is comforting a person vying for death row. A depiction of murder and rape is shown; it would be nice to let the kids sleep early.

For Black Saturday, you can actually, sort-of, watch films that might give us enjoyment and such. Of course, the theme should always be there. It is such that “Christ is still dead” during these times and all you can do is to respect the day. Come on, just one day left for Easter Sunday. I know you can do it. Those people in Boracay can’t.

Babette’s Feast – Again, I’m not familiar with this film and I am willing to take a chance. An Oscar award winner, this might be interesting; to see a pair of religious Danish sisters prove their devotion in an isolated village.

The Bicycle Thief – This old film supplies us the love of the father for his son. Inserting this movie to the Holy Week theme; taking out the negative parts of the film, and as said, love is a great factor in this film. The only thing that is different is that this veers more on the human psych.

Leap Of Faith – I’ve seen this during one of my religious classes back in college. This is one of Steve Martin’s impressive films since it greatly dwells on the overuse of charisma. I won’t spoil the point of this film but I am sure you’ll actually be surprised with the ending.

Gandhi – It is actually a requirement for this week to watch as much epic films as possible. That’s why you have to watch the autobiography of one of the most-important figures of the 20th century. It stars Ben Kingsley as Gandhi.

Jesus Christ Superstar – The only musicale in the list. This bohemic-induced Jesus Christ version of Andrew Lloyd Webber is actually one of the most impressive musicales ever made. With the style of pure location shoot and sing-and-dance choreography, this groovy film will actually let you watch and listen to the story of Christ, without falling asleep.

The Last Temptation Of Christ – Ending it off with a film banned in countries due to its “anti-religious” content, you may want to watch this one but be sure that your faith is strong enough as this film might sway you on what it tries to provide the audience. And a for-sure R18 film, just a reminder to the parents who thinks that this film is actually fit for their children.


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