T500FC, 500th: White House (Topel Lee, 2010)


The definition of white house differs from one country to another. If U.S. tells us that this is the house of its current president, ours lead to a more supernatural meaning. It is part of the Filipino pop culture and Topel Lee tries to tell a rendition of White House.

In an attempt to follow and do a version of the Haunting, where a challenge is also added with the plot of the film, Lee, the director, tried to create a visually and auditory scare of a film for the audiences. If you’re familiar with the concept of a dare before then you won’t be lost with a few of the initial sense of the film. Basically, most of the setting in the film revolves around a group of contestants who wants to win a million pesos and all you have to do is to live inside a Haunted House or White House.

The sort of side story stars Gabby Concepcion as the father who is saving his daughter from the black lady inside the house. Prior to the said challenge, the family went there to go on a holiday but Gabby felt the impending danger, he has the third eye, and opted to just go home instead. Much to their surprise and dismay, the child fell into the curse of the black lady, as opposed to the usual white lady where it can’t really kill and instead, is just there to do some minor haunting.

I may say that I am a person who adores the idea of the supernatural and also, I am well informed of the ideas that surrounds this topic. In which, Lee failed with the idea, or the scriptwriters. Much more to a person like me who loves to watch horror films that they actually failed to scare me.

The group had no charisma with each other and more so even the whole group. It was like they didn’t really matter to the film even if they had a few lines, none stuck. Probably it was what the director wanted to tell us that they were disposable. And if that were the case then I wouldn’t argue with it any more.

Though, apart from the film having a fail in my standards for the horror genre, one can still enjoy its traditional scares running all through out the film. Meaning from scared-y cats, they can quite appreciate this one. And I have to say the ending, though not thought provoking, wasn’t what I expected.

The only time you’d probably enjoy this is when you go in groups and scare yourselves about it.


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