T500FC, 498th: Dalaw (Dondon Santos, 2010)


Kris Aquino has been bringing us with inept, impressive even, horror films with the likes of Chito Rono’s Feng Shui and Sukob. She has been drawing negative feedbacks from her previous movie outings such as the Vizconde Massacre and Elsa Castillo story. It came to a point where her scared acting was just the same. Fast forward to 2002, she was awarded in a lot of Best Supporting Actress nominations for the film Mano Po and she was probably given the chance to rock the horror genre.

Dondon Santos’ Dalaw is one of the films where it fared well in the recent Metro Manila Film Fest in terms of its box office result. So, if you’ve been a fan of the Rono-Aquino connection, you might want to be a little bit more aware of the situation that she might not show it good in the film. And I was right.

The film tells us a story of Diether, fiancé of Kris, who is planning to have a quiet married life. He marries the woman and during the wedding, his mother falls into a semi-vegetative shock. Then, a lot of supernatural events occur to their lives, including those of friends that endanger most of them throughout the course of the film. She thought it was her ex-husbands fault but it was not the case.

A horror film is tricky, IMHO. There are three types of viewers for the horror genre. There is one who have seen a majority of it that he / she doesn’t even flinch in the most of the scary parts; I can put myself into that. Then, there is the horror geek who enjoys the scares even if they’ve recycled the scene over and over and over again. And then, there is the casual viewer of horror films who are probably the biggest contributors for this film.

I am not saying that the film is bad or even Kris’s acting is the same all throughout, it was probably with the way it was portrayed by the director. Bad use of pop culture lines, inefficient use of Kris, and the concept of the third eye. Alessandra De Rossi and Karylle’s character were portrayed better giving the rest of the cast a little bit on the under whelming side; yes, even Gina Pareno’s character didn’t really pursue.

This is just probably me as a few of friends who saw this enjoyed the film somehow, it was okay but not as groundbreaking as Metanoia RPG or as worthy as the last episode of the latest Shake Rattle and Roll episode.


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