T500FC, 496th: Moon (Duncan Jones, 2009)


With the initial scenes revealed, the film certainly looks like an updated version of the space ship scene in Stanley Kubrick’s 2001: A Space Odyssey. Once you get a little bit deeper into the film, it then looks like a little bit of Steven Soderbergh’s Solaris and Ingmar Bergman’s Persona and topping it all off with Jonathan Mostow’s Surrogates.

I’ve heard about this film last year, with such film winning the Best British Independent Film in the 2009 British Independent Film Awards and having a few other nominations left and right, one can wonder why it didn’t went well in the box office. Probably with its limited release, it should’ve at least shown in more theaters especially to the lot of people who likes the sci-fi genre despite being a film filled with homage to various films that we knew had its own greatness.

Moon is Duncan Jones debut film. It is about an astronaut, played by Sam Rockwell, who harvests Helium 3, as one of the cleanest source of fuel at that time. He sends the fuel to Earth every now and then. He is accompanied by a HAL like AI computer by the name of GERTY. Now, hallucinations are acting up and things have started to get weird in the dock. And it gets crazier when he finds out that he has a companion on board, more so, somebody who looks like him, or a clone even.

One of the fascinating ideologies in this film is the use of the A.I. robot, voiced by Kevin Spacey. It was quite ironic when the robot says that it is there to protect the human inside the area, albeit technically it is still true and Asimov’s rules aren’t really broken. Aside from the A.I.’s interesting character, we are also provided with mood avatars, as I really found that one clever.

Sam Rockwell’s output was also interesting, representing a lot of him. But the thing is the personalities of the characters weren’t really brought out out, they weren’t highlighted, though you’d still see the difference in some of the scenes, probably with the ease factor for the director to just identify the first Rockwell having a healthy body and the other, showing signs of deterioration.

Funny the idea of this film as it might be possible to do such idea in the future: inhumane and practical, nice logic.


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