T500FC, 493rd: Turtles Forever (Roy Burdine, Lloyd Goldfine, 2009)


As much as I would like to discuss if this film is indeed a film or not as opposed to being just a long version of its television series episode, I’d rather not since this film was really shown as a film, it is just that it was straight to television. And in addition, it was labeled as a television movie. You also have to know that I enjoyed this tv-movie that’s why I’d like to include it in the five hundred film challenge.

A tv-movie that looks exactly one of those major plot lines in DC comics and a little bit of one of the tales in the X-men storyline, one can still enjoy this narrative especially if you are a fan. As I never knew that such television series, the 2003 version, exists. I wouldn’t have the time to watch it but this is quite refreshing when I saw it.

It tells us the story of the new version of the Ninja Turtles meeting up with the old version, the ones where my generation grew up with. Different universe turtles meet-up ala “multiverse” idea provided by our friends in the DC comics and they team-up to prevent the end of all the turtles along with the lives in their own universe. In what seemed to be an endless supply of enemies, a great, old enemy unfolds as one of the most powerful villain ever made in the turtle universe. Would they die? That was what I expected as I was hopeful enough to see the heroes’ demise.

It was quite unexpected when the creators decided to meet up all the turtles in one sitting. It was quite interesting at first and eventually a series of nostalgia banging at the back of one’s head. With the reboot of the series, one can actually find the big difference in the personalities of the entire main and the minor characters in the television series; it was quite eye-amusing with the free-flowing days of the nineties and the more logical era of the decade after.

The art was also entertaining; one can clearly see the progress of the moving illustration, much more with the colors spent. And with the Sin City look, the third and last part of the film was merely unexpected albeit appropriate with what seemed to be one of the best highlight in the franchise’s history.


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