T500FC, 491st: Bulong (Chito S. Roño, 2011)


A few nights ago, we were wondering on why Star Cinema has not released any films for this month. If you’d remember, every February they’d release a really cheesy bubblegum pop film such as those John Lloyd – Sarah films, those are sure-fire blockbuster hits and it was a surprise when they released a Chito Roño scary film in February whereas we are so used to scary films in the last quarter of the year. What made them do it?

Well, Bulong is basically a hor-rom-com film. I asked people first before watching this film if it has any worth, in terms of at least being a film and something that could’ve at least provide us viewers with something new. I guess it has something to do with the initial set-up. Who would’ve thought of pairing up Angelica Panganiban and Vhong Navarro as we were used to Vhong and Toni Gonzaga. Nonetheless, it kind of worked, but not too much. Maybe they just didn’t click.

Somebody said that maybe it was another D’anothers in the making, well, they were wrong. It looked original. Even the concept was kind of original, and there were Easter Eggs in the film, which is what made the film clicked in my vocabulary.

The story goes about Vhong who loves Bangs Garcia so much that he’ll do anything just to make her fall head over heels for him. Then, the idea of Bulong, or whisper, to the dead came up. You can wish anything without knowing the consequences, of course, being set with the stories premise. Vhong whispered on the wrong cadaver and then the suspense ensued.

There were a lot of notable scenes in this film. One of the early scenes previewed the shadow of the evil being using three windows increasing one window per scene which was impressive for me, much more to the flying cat in the windy scene; hats off to the scriptwriter for providing such smart and near crazy ideas. One can’t forget the scene with the tarsier and the Koreans. And who would’ve forgotten Angelica’s make-shift bar and resto, priceless.

I saw this one in the movie theater and the experience is worth my money even if the evil being sucked, I wouldn’t mind, as I finally realized why Angelica’s, Vhongs’, and Bang’s character are named as such.


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