T500FC, 488th: The Resident (Antti Jokinen, 2011)


When I started watching this film I instantly remembered one The Office U.S. episode regarding the idea, “Is Hilary Swank hot or not?” It was basically a poll regarding her previous characters in movies such as the fallen boxer in Million Dollar Baby and the boyish looking lesbian in Boys Don’t Cry. One can hope that she won’t be able to watch that episode to avoid further embarrassment.

I’d like to understand that probably this film included scenes where she portrayed that she is sexy. I am not saying she is not sexy but it shows with a lot of scenes showing less clothes going to nil. And it just felt it was fitting with her character. Once in a while if actors de-glorify themselves and then try to become sexy would fore go to fail as people have been trained to see them in amusing and heavy roles that you’d end up saying, “Oh, she can do that?”

And with that, the film is about the cat and mouse story of a single woman living in an apartment in America, played by Hilary Swank and a Javier Bardem looking Jeffrey Dean Morgan as the protagonist cum antagonist in the film. Sequences include how Hilary and Jeffrey meet up until the questionable advances of the said landlord, though one might not be sure on the mysterious events that are happening working mostly with the woman’s intuition. Hilary video tapes her apartment and finds the horrible experiences when she was asleep.

We’ve seen a dozen or so films where the woman is always haunted in the film. One can suggest that hopefully it could at least be the other way around, in a more realistic sense of course. But despite its routine approach, one can still learn in case something like this comes up in their lives. Funny thing is everyone is affected by such idea whether you live lasciviously in the modern areas of the world or living a simple life in the rural areas.

It happens. And it was somehow smartly depicted in this film. One can learn that such idea of filming one’s self, obviously the technology is helping, would at least show the story when you are not there.

The film looked longer than usual, maybe it has something to do with what the director wants to point out. Maybe it has something to do with what the landlord really is, though they could’ve just removed a few initial scenes that made the film slow as opposed to really suspenseful type of films.

One can enjoy such film if you like suspense and if you are a fan of Hilary Swank. It wasn’t that bad but it wasn’t that good either.


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