T500FC, 489th: Mouse Hunt (Gore Verbinski, 1997)


In what seemed to be the first family friendly film released by Dreamworks, then unknown director Gore Verbinski, who directed this film in which he eventually directed films such as The Mexican, The Ring, The Weather Man, and the Pirates of the Caribbean trilogy, did not give that Home Alone feel, which was a sort of refreshing as it was the year of a lot of family friendly films such as Men In Black, Batman & Robin, and Bean the movie.

Films like these have a crazy impact in one’s complex mind. As said, it seemed to be a Home Alone Clone minus the two thieves and the Culkin and instead, the sort of protagonists in this film is funny men Nathan Lane (Joe Versus the Volcano, The Producers) and Lee Evans (The Fifth Element, There’s something About Mary) and a cute little mouse, making it look like a live version of the animated classic, Tom and Jerry.

With an almost forgotten art of slapstick comedy, it was resuscitated again in this 1997 box office hit that really raked in millions of dollars. It is a story of brothers who took over a house and a company that was left to them by their father including something that they didn’t want, debts provided by the mansion. In the search for money as payment, they found out that the house was built by someone who is really famous and plans to sell them, removing them from any guilt and problems. And the only problem that lies within them and the money is a mouse who doesn’t want to let them sell the house.

I have always been enamored by such silly ideas of films. It would have been fun during the brainstorming of the scriptwriters. Why don’t we create a film where we have two brothers and let us use a very smart animal as the antagonist that would be well-loved by the viewers. How about a dog or a cat? They’ve already used that idea. How about a horse? Too big and it is hard to find duplicates of the same species, let us keep it small people. Let’s do a hamster! No, too adorable and if you’re going to give us cockroaches then they’ve already used it in Joe’s Apartment. How about a mouse? Everybody hates rats. But boss, mice and rats are different, whatever.

Though one can really wonder if the formula Mouse Hunt uses would still be workable in the future, in case this happens again, make the film memorable and worthwhile. Much like what Mouse Hunt provided: smart, fun, and crazy.


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