T500FC, 490th: I Spit On Your Grave (Steven R. Monroe, 2010)


I had to remind myself on why I have to watch something that I saw already and why watch a film that doesn’t rely much on its narrative but purely on revenge in a more sadistic nature. I remember I first saw the release of this remade version last year on the to be shown films for the 2010 Fantastic Film Fest along with another remake, Let The Right One In.

For a person who saw a lot of sadistic scenes from the past few years, samples include one of the final scenes in Martyrs, the torture scene in the remake of the Last House On The Left, and the crazy lip cutting scene in Cutting Moments, I may say that I wanted to look for more of these type. It was sort of a thing for me, I also can’t say that I find recluse in such, maybe there is a wanting in someone else’s craziness or probably there is a hole inside my brain that tells me it is fairly good to see something horrible.

Testing the limits has always been something that I’ve admired and Steven R. Monroe’s take on the unrated version of I Spit on Your Grave is quite semi-shocking. I still believe that people can still create new stuff on movie and that is what this film provided. I know that they are probably going to do the same scenario, the same sequence, and the same story but surely they’d change the scenes where it seems that it is more important.

I can’t say kudos to the actors and actresses of this film since I can’t find an absolute good acting, even the main lady protagonist. Must be because it wasn’t meant to be shown that way though you can still see the effort of the change but it was not as convincing as the seventies version.

The storyline is simple. An urban-isque lady lives in the rural area. Rural men who think that urban women are sluts prey on the woman. She was hunted and almost died in the process and the rest is probably history, I think it is quite obvious with what I’ve written above already.

Though I’d really like to say that I enjoyed it, I do hope that they should’ve stayed with the original. The numbness of the film didn’t live up with the present and they could’ve just created something new. And even if I wanted that to happen, they’d really stick with what they have right now, just to keep up with the times.


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