T500FC, 486th: Happy Accidents (Brad Anderson, 2000)


I am surprised that I haven’t seen this film. Shown in 2000, I never knew, until now of course, that such film exists. This film is all about Marisa Tomei and Vincent D’Onofrio; it also gives the idea of time-travel or in this case, “back traveling”. I wish I’ve seen this film before; it doesn’t show any CGI or heavy animation, the only technical stuff that I could probably see is the reverse slow mo effect, and hey, they’ve been using this technique before, which is quite invigorating in a sense, thanking Brad Anderson for directing such film.

The narration starts off with Marisa having a lot of failed relationships mainly because she is one of the people in the world who go for “broken” guys and she tries to fix the inevitable. Then she meets Vincent, giving her a very different approach, she falls for him. The relationship was smoothly going until she finds something different from her new-found love, he was kind of weird and at the same time he tells her that he is from the year 2470. He tells her that he is a back traveler and he needs to fix something really really important.

In writing, the idea seems to be interesting though it might be a commercial failure. Knowing the production companies, they won’t go for something as easy as this. But sometimes, something simple can be right. Like this film for example, you don’t need special effects. You just need the two leads, some minor players, and a lot of extras; and probably the inclusion of good locations, to spice up the cinematic approach.

The concept of this film also relates to one of my favorite films, Harold Ramis’ Groundhog Day. Why? Well, the premise of the movie feels that the male lead needs to do something right, much like Groundhog Day. And aside from the geekiness of the situation, you’d remember that you are actually watching a rom-com, I guess the phrase “back traveling” beat the concept huh.

Yes, admittedly, I enjoyed this film. It didn’t provide much depth but it provides the needed smiles, which what the film tried to project. It is a good date film for geeks and probably for the geeks at heart.


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