T500FC, 484th: SPL [Kill Zone] (Wilson Yip, 2005)


Apparently, this is my second serving of Donnie Yen for the day. It wasn’t that bad though, in fact, this one was better than Legend of the Wolf, for me. One thing that I noticed in the movie is the great familiarity of the feel of Jackie Chan’s Police Story. I guess a lot of Hong Kong films rely on the subject of police drama. Thank God they provide martial arts too or else, they’d look exactly just like any Western police story clone of a film.

It stars Donnie Yen as the main protagonist of the film. His main rival is a recently freed triad boss, Sammo Hung. The group of police from Donnie’s precinct finds a video that they could use to intimidate the triad boss. However, complications rose when Donnie’s officemates falls to the gangster and it is up for him to do the final blow to Sammo, in which a final scene greatly surprises and greatly fits to the end of the movie.

As this was also known as Kill Zone in the U.S., SPL means Sha Po Lang, it refers to the three words from the Chinese Astrology that each represent a different star capable of good or evil depending on the position of the heavens. It can also be perceived with the idea of the irony of the situation in which it was seriously apparent in the result of the final fight between Sammo and Donnie. I have to say that that was one good ending for a film that seemed a little bit of the third part of the Matrix, the one where Hugo Weaving who lord over the Matrix. Where one can’t do anything else, much like having a martial law in a small urban area.

The fight scenes were seemingly impressive of course. The thing about Hong Kong martial arts is you’d never get tired of it even if you think you’ve seen it all although it is an acquired taste most of the times, one’s eyes can really sway with the fast movements of the fist and the feet despite the fact that what we are seeing is just plain choreography.

Though the police story genre is quite popular in Hong Kong cinema, it has started to be quite tiring for me, blame Jackie Chan for the Police Story series. Even if it is the case, one film viewing is enough to satisfy one’s craving for new films to watch.


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