T500FC, 481st: Arctic Blast (Brian Trenchard-Smith, 2010)


There are times when you’d watch a film out of nowhere, much more to the fact that I need to watch five hundred films in a year. For sure, I am not cheating, I usually say this but you need palette cleansers of movies once in a while. For some people, they turn off their DVDs. Some even watch television and check the latest on sports and news. And for me, I watch an unknown film hoping that it wouldn’t take much of time and my brain all at the same time.

Keeping the summary of the film short, a heavy breath of natural chilling air threatens the earth after a solar eclipse. A scientist of some sort tries to save, not just his loved ones but the world too, hoping for his solution to work. Let’s just say they are using the basic formula for a natural disaster type of film.

What I didn’t understand, when they created this film, is why they would have to do a The Day After Tomorrow clone. The creators would probably say that they gave a different problem, it is not about the global warming, and clearly, they gave a different solution.

Natural disaster films are quite tricky in the film industry. People have a concept of, if they saw this one, they’ve seen it all. I remember Michael Bay’s Armageddon trampled Mimi Leder’s Deep Impact by almost two hundred million dollars, though people still accepted the latter because its box office earnings amounted to three hundred fifty million dollars, despite the fact that the two films were shown in the same year.

This film didn’t provide the now needed genre of crazy taxi viewing where the treat the viewer in a series of mishaps while following the leads on car, plane, or any automobile. It was as simple as that.

The thing is, I’d like to enjoy the drama behind any disaster, such concept is intriguing but it didn’t pull through in my meter. Thank God it is still watch-able and lucky me, I saw this film purely for relaxation only.


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