T500FC, 483rd: Blue Valentine (Derek Cianfrance, 2010)


Derek Cianfrance’s Blue Valentine is like an addictive drug. The more you watch it, the more you get addicted and the more you get hurt in the process. A wounding and enthralling drama portrayed by our main players, Michelle Williams and Ryan Gosling. It is a film definitely worthy of the nominations of prestigious award giving bodies. They might not be the best but this film is one of the interesting dramas we got in the year 2010.

The story having its simple complexity shows a non-linear approach in terms of its story-telling. It jumps off from the present to the past and back again to the present, portraying the heydays of the younger years of the couple until the darkest moments of their present day lives. It also shows the relationship of the woman to her parents especially to her father, much more with her past relationship and what had happened then. Which then shows their affection to the young daughter.

The concept of the film is quite simple most often than not, we know that things like this happen. It could’ve happened to one of your uncles or aunts, it could’ve happened to any of your friend’s parents, or it could’ve happened to your parents. Nonetheless, it was quite interesting, having the curiosity in us humans that we thrived in the lives of others, wanted or not.

One of the most memorable scenes in the film is the meltdown of the husband where he tried to save himself and the marriage by saying words that we often hear during weddings, “in richer or for poorer”. Much more to the fact that the wife had a married life early in her age that really showed the change of the relationship of the couple. I remember, whenever I listen to priest’s seminars about couples getting married early, they usually say the magic words, “you will be with that person forever.”

We’d like to say that it was the fault of the wife or it was the fault of the husband on why they entered such marital misery. As much as we want to delve on such idea, we have to accept the unacceptable. Shit happens. Move on to the next level.

I can’t say that the solution of the film is perfect or even if it was really appropriate. All I can say is couples always decide on the matter an I am just happy that there is an ending in this film, suffice to say, we don’t need to know more.


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