T500FC, 478th: Winter’s Bone (Debra Granik, 2010)


Winter’s Bone, for me, was a surprise nomination in the recent Oscars. It also won a Grand Jury Prize in the Sundance Film Festival. One of the finest indie films in the U.S. last year, Debra Granik’s, the director, film provides certain disarray in the world of drugs and family members. Despite the sense of drama running all throughout the film, much more with the unknown actors and actresses, this film truly is an impressive film even if it didn’t garner wide release in terms of viewership, it was just appropriate for the Oscars to include it in the awards race.

The narration of the movie tells us how a seventeen year old girl is pulling through the tough times of a missing father and living with her two young siblings. She starts to find her father and she stumbles with something grim that doesn’t surprise her. Despite being provoked a number of times, relatives included, it didn’t stop her from gaining the location of the absent dad. And when she finally gets to the end of the line, she stumbles to something that probably was expected pouring such closure to her heartbreaking story.

I know things like this happen, even in our own country too. Everybody knows the great dangers of drugs and the life that revolves in such, well, madness. But one thing’s for sure, the bravery of our protagonist extends to something really dangerous. With something as gallant as this, if it happened in the olden times, would at least get a badge or a reward. But this is quite different, of course, with such lady just wanting to see her father, dead or alive. That’s it.

It was just apt for Jennifer Lawrence to get an Oscar nomination for the Best Actress category. It doesn’t matter if she didn’t win the award. What’s important is she was recognized of her effective portrayal of a kid who tried to fight a losing battle and such thing is admirable, hoping that more people, living in her world, would do the same amidst the perils of the modern jungle.

With the climax set in a sort of black comedy-ish feel, it didn’t go there. It was basically what it is and you can’t help but to pity her experiences even if it is just cinema. I have to say that it was a movie treat for me when they were boating in that river of broken soul. It was not shocking but quite understandable with the situation.

I wish more films would come up with something like this that has that Frozen River slash Mystic River feel. No tears and heartbreaking.


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