T500FC, 477th: Snakes On A Plane (David R. Ellis, 2006)


One of the few cases where Internet hype was used, as opposed to going viral, Snakes on a Plane proved efficient in the box office despite a humbling above average rating by the critics. David Ellis, who also directed suspense-based films such as Final Destination 2, The Final Destination, and Cellular, effectively hyped-up the film, prior to its release, and was actually successful, probably gaining a near cult status. Blaming it on its mainstream touch.

The story is about a witness of a murder and the gangster’s plan to kill him. With the help of the FBI, they start to escort him to safety but what they didn’t know is that they rode a plane full of snakes. A timed mini explosive opened the snake crate and all hell broke loose in the vehicle. To add more depth in the story, the snakes were sort of agitated when they got loose and it is up to our passengers to survive the mayhem brought to them by one person.

Placing Samuel Jackson in the lead role proved successful for the film. With his badass persona, he was able to control, not just the whole plane, the entirety of the film. And even if sometimes he is stereotyped in such role, he can still pull through, much to the viewer’s delight, he fits the role very well that given a different actor for his character it could’ve failed.

Despite the obvious use of animatronix and CG in most of the snake scenes, one can still believe the chaotic and claustrophobic scenes. With 400+ snakes used in the whole film, one can be really scared with such idea. It was also quite apt to provide scary-funny scenes such as the attacked copulating couple ala mile high club or a scene where one of the girl’s breasts was bit by a snake.

The film’s premise was quite b-movie-ish though. The initial scenes were quite fast, which was quite understandable. Why? Because everyone knew, prior to its release that there is that big ‘What if’ of an idea of hundreds of snakes controlling the plane. And I guess a lot of people understood the situation. You just need a sort of acceptable reason on why the snakes should be there and voila, we get something that would be enjoyed by fun-loving film buffs.

I remember when this film first came out, it wasn’t that raved by people but there is a feel that you know that it is a cool film. And with that, it is.


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