T500FC, 473rd: Love And Other Drugs (Edward Zwick, 2010)


Would you like to see a film seeing the naked asses of Jake Gyllenhaal and Anne Hathaway? Then, this is the right film for you. Lucky the creators of this film, at least they didn’t change the title to Sex, Love, and Other Drugs, it may have been more apt that way but it will obviously give away the main run of the story. Critics found this one too sappy but it was really effective in the box office having almost three times its gross revenue against its budget of thirty million. Well, the film was really worth it anyway, so who cares if it bombed or not, right?

Love and Other Drugs’s story is all about the success of the impotent drug Viagra. Jake, a med-rep, entered the world of medicine due to a minor mishap with his former employer; he slept with his girlfriend. He used his charms to get through a clinic, regarding the selling of a certain drug, Prozac’s competitor, and eventually his present employer, Pfizer, introduced Viagra in the market. What was important was the doctor in the said clinic, if penetrated by their drugs, would follow through with the other clinics, hence extending the market for Pfizer. Alongside with the story of Viagra, comes a love story with Anne who has stage one Parkinson’s disease. And basically, the narration of the film juggles between Jake’s work and his love life.

One of the main problems of rom-coms movies is the execution of new plots. There are times when we say that we’ve already seen this scene already. People may say that today’s scriptwriters are probably running out of ideas. Well, that is wrong, if you remember the film Serendipity; it was a sort of different but still went with the line of the rom-com genre. They have offered something new even if we already knew that that film could give us the same rom-com feel and probably the ending too.

This film derails a bit away from the usual rom-com genre. Aside from the near-shocking sex scenes between our two protagonists, one can easily enjoy the lines thrown by the two actors despite a few which are a bit outdated, actually. And add to the fact that this film is about the introduction of the miracle drug, Viagra.

Though it was a bit off tangent with what the film is trying to tell. Are we just watching the drug’s success or should we just follow how Jake’s and Anne’s relationship grow, much more with the impending drama since she’s sick in this film. Probably one of the reasons why critics were saying that they could just give this film a 55 percent passing rate, the movie lost focus. Unless of course if they’re trying to juggle the two things at the same time, which did not work.

As a film buff, I enjoyed the film. I still believe that those are just minor quirks in the film. I enjoyed the punch lines and I definitely enjoyed the brother’s masturbating scene, what the fuck right? I know that this is really not a date film; it is more possible for a couple’s date film.


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