T500FC, 474th: Vanishing On 7th Street (Brad Anderson, 2010)


Brad Anderson’s, the director, Vanishing on 7th Street looks like a different version of Stephen King’s Myst. With Myst, people disappear whenever they enter the fog and with this film, people disappear whenever they step in the dark. The director obviously has a knack for something scary and / or something new. And it was quite apt and palpable with the film’s tagline, “Stay in the Light”.

The film starts off with our protagonist, played by Hayden Christensen, who wakes up and found something different in his surroundings. He finds out that a lot of people are actually missing. There were no explanations on why. With him being a news anchor he investigates and begins the journey in finding the reason on why people are missing and to add the fact that he has to survive this weird occurrence that struck the 7th street.

It was kind of shocking to me that this was the same person who directed Happy Accidents as it was one of my current favorites, luckily watching it a few weeks ago. As this film is greatly different from Happy Accidents, one can still find the unusual logic for providing something new ideas in the Hollywood scene. Though it was not that good ‘good’, one can still enjoy such film especially to suspenseful scenes such as parts where the lights are dimming or out.

I did say that this looked like the film Myst, though this one stuck on the level where there was less blood and more darkness. It proved efficient for Brad to lessen the lighting in the entire film and it was probably easy for him, though creating dark scenes are always tricky.

Thandie Newton (The Chronicles of Riddick) and John Leguizamo (Land of the Dead) also provided effective characters in the movie. Though Thandie was quite a bit overacting in some scenes and John was just there, we have the African-American kid, Jacob Latimore, who gives out his best every time I see him in films, this included.

Funny thing about this film is that it was meant to be scary. A tamed down scary film leads to nowhere nowadays especially if what you’re giving relies on a rehash of some other memorable film. However, films like these are also effective if watched during dates. It doesn’t matter if you follow the story; as long as you enjoy the scenes then it is good, in a way.


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