T500, 467th: Fist Of Legend (Gordon Chan, 1994)


There is always a good reason on why remakes of movies are created. The most obvious reason of course is the re-introduction of the genre and then, there’s the gamble if the latest actor or actress who is going to portray would create the same hit as its predecessor. Funny thing with this film though, even if it was just a remake of Bruce Lee’s Fist of Fury, you’d see the difference on how it was portrayed. And the film was worth it because you’d really see the difference hence comparison is not needed.

In which this film took place during the time when the Japanese forces is oppressing a certain part of China. Jet Lee, a student in the film, was oppressed in a form of discrimination in sea of Japanese students. Thanks to the sensei of these Japanese students, the riot was stopped, and he found out the skills of the Chinaman; as all of the Japanese who fought him was injured. Jet Lee returned to his home town when he learned the news that his sensei died during a match against the Japanese.

One thing that is effective for Hong Kong action films is the inclusion of bits and pieces of history. Who cares if they are adding unnecessary information, besides this is the cinema. The gist of the story itself is enough as information to the viewer and the rest can rely to how it should be portrayed. If we want something boring, we’d go watch National Geographic instead.

Unique fight scenes are also important in these kinds of films. The Jet Lee versus the Japanese kung-fu fighters scene is surely a delight to one’s eyes, doing one hit kills which clearly remembers the old-school Bruce Lee; and yes, this one gives a different touch, the Lee machismo is not there and this one looks more serious. I also like the blindfolded fight scene. I mean, even if there are holes in those blindfolds, there is a high risk of hurting the other person in real life.

For sure, kung fu fans would surely rejoice to such film. They were saying that this movie bombed in the box office, it could’ve. But this film is a much watch film especially if you are a Jet Lee fan, one of his best, I say.


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