T500FC, 461st: I Do (Veronica Velasco, 2010)


I never knew that such film exists. I Do was released last year courtesy of our friends from Star Cinema. It looks like it was a gamble on the part of the company who produced this, having paired Erich Gonzales and Enchong Dee. Though it looks like it could’ve garnered a lot of viewers, I’m assuming most of them are Enchong fans, having gross revenue of 42 million pesos. Not bad.

This film mainly represents the usual problem of Chinese and Filipino couples in the Philippines. Enchong is a traditional Chinese while Erich is an ordinary Filipino who ends up getting pregnant by him. With the obvious take on the title, the main focus of the film is on the possibility of the couple in getting married. It was kind of cliché actually on how the Chinese deals with people outside of their race. And the film takes on the dilemma on how the guy acts on a situation that clearly would put him in a tight situation.

This is a very promising film. I have always been familiar with this concept of different races of teens and post-teens trying to have a relationship ending up with something that is forbidden, mostly by the social norms. While watching this, it was somehow re-informing every one of such ideals. Even if the resolution wasn’t that great, it still says a lot to what we have today.

The thing is, I was having unnecessary cringes and what ifs while watching the film. I can’t help but express that the leads doesn’t deserve the role. It didn’t fit them despite in paper; it looks like it is good. Maybe, they need more acting lessons or experience to at least be effective all throughout. I remember I was conversing with my girlfriend when I was watching this and we wanted to know if there are other people who can do Enchong’s role. It was hard because it seems that he was the only one fitting the bill though I told her that a lot of other leading ladies are possible in Erich’s character. I’ve also seen her in Noy too and it was just a letdown to see this lovely lady’s acting capabilities.

The movie’s pacing was very fast. They’ve also omitted certain scenes that could’ve explained a lot of the missing pieces; bad editing I suppose. Nevertheless, it was still understandable.

The rest of the cast brought the film out. If they placed unknowns to this film then it would’ve really sucked. Kudos to Dennis Padilla for his role in this film, he was effective as Erich’s father. And Jun Urbano of course, as Enchong’s grandfather, will always be timeless for me; so a thumbs up for him too.

I am wishing for a little bit of oomph for this film. It would have been better and that’s all that I could say.


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