T500FC, 462nd: The Tourist (Florian Henckel Von Donnersmarck, 2010)


This film’s genre is quite unusual. According to the director, Florian Henckel Von Donnersmarck, it is a travel romance with thriller elements. He does not want to say that this is a thrilling cum a romantic film. Being safe sometimes will kill the film itself, as critics would absolutely agree with this. But it seems that the star power of this film, despite the quality of the film, captivated a lot of viewers. It took home two hundred and fifty million bucks for its gross revenue. It was quite a feat last year. I guess pairing Johnny Depp and Angelina Jolie are not bad after all.

A simple storyline, Angelina Jolie is being trailed by the police in Paris. She gets a letter informing her to get a guy who looks exactly like the person who wrote the letter, she knows the letter sender, and act as if this was the real him. Then, they create a cat and mouse chase with the police, hoping to catch the guy who wrote the letter, as he is one of the most wanted in the list.

The film looks good; I mean it is a remake from a French action film. Thanks to its Golden Globe nominations, it received free advertising. People get curious. Some may say that it was good because of the actors involved saying the story was just secondary. Some may say that the story was interesting even if they didn’t use the stars.

I tried to like the film. It was a Johnny Depp film and I almost saw his films already. For sure, they mean something, at least. Predictability killed the film’s structure. The moment they started to give out the clues to the audience, it was quite obvious. The narrative was one way too, no extra stories on the side. It was just the story of the two all the way. Even the wow moment wasn’t there.

I know I have a lot of complaints in this film. We want more kick-assy moves from Angelina Jolie and probably a thought-provoking, weirder Johnny Depp. Some other actor or actress can fit their characters instead.

Maybe I was just used to the usual. Not gliding to this genre. I remember the film John Mctiernan’s The Thomas Crown Affair when I saw this. The movie was just subtle with a little bit of suspense on the side. Though if you think about it, the 2010 film Knight And Day received the same sentiments from the critics though gaining almost the same amount as this film. Maybe they’re just experimenting to something new. I welcome that; hopefully it wouldn’t be this average in the future.


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