T500FC, 464th: Morning Glory (Roger Michell, 2010)


Morning Glory stars Hollywood heavyweights Diane Keaton and Harrison Ford who are hosts of a morning show. It also stars Rachel McAdams as a news producer of the said show. It has been a while since Roger Mitchell was able to penetrate, again, the mainstream market. His last one was way back in 2002, the Ben Affleck-Samuel Jackson starrer Changing Lanes. This time, the suspense is gone and this movie promised to give us the safe drama and a little bit of laughs on the side.

The story is all about McAdams who was currently fired from her work, a morning show in New Jersey. After failed interviews, she ends up in Jeff Goldblum’s desk, almost begging him to get her accepted in their company. Goldblum takes a chance with her and McAdams finds herself lost of a co-host because he fired that co-host on McAdams’ first day. In an attempt to boost up the show, McAdams finds a veteran television journalist, Harrison Ford. And then the real bad news came up, McAdams finds out that her show is wrapping up and it is up to her to stay on the waves or else, everybody loses their jobs.

I’d like to say that I enjoyed this film; it is just that the first half of the movie looks like it is not fit for mainstream viewing. It is honestly slow. McAdams new style of acting doesn’t fit her. And despite the awesome names of actors that are included in this film, namely Ford, Goldblum, and Keaton, it doesn’t fulfill much. This was also the time when I was itching on if I should watch a different film instead.

I am not entirely sure if the director can go for such type of films. I remember he also created Notting Hill. A lot of sappy viewers enjoyed this film and if I am about right, I didn’t get a chance to finish this. But the thing is he created Changing Lanes, one film I admired and enjoyed the moment it came out.

Which is exactly what happened, I started to like the film once again when it started to pick up. I thought the movie was eating McAdams out of thin air and thank God, she was at least able to pick up from the laggy first half.

Of course, Harrison Ford is strikingly awesome in this film. The most hated by everyone attitude is there and isn’t it nice to see more Harrison Ford films even if all know that one of these days, this guy is going to follow Sean Connery in a deep and long vacation. And funny enough, Diane Keaton’s portrayal of her character, as always, is fun, fun, fun. And the last time I saw Jeff Goldblum on cinema was from that Wes Anderson film, The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou. Even if he was not fantastic in this film, it was still ok to view a few remnants of him.

A light drama and all worth it for dating people; McAdams may be not as zany as her character in The Family Stone but you’d eventually say that it feels just right to see her in this film.


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