T500FC, 465th: Rubber (Quentin Dupieux, 2010)


Everything that they do in the movies doesn’t matter; it does not make any sense. That was the premise of this film. You have to drop logic, sense, and any brainy idea if you get to watch this film. Aside from the Cannes people hating this movie and the critics outside of the prestigious awards, a person like me, an ordinary individual of course, perpetually enjoyed this weirdly created but smartly produced one of a kind film that came out last year. I never knew it was possible to create an anti-hero in the form of something that you see every day, a rubber tire.

The film starts off with an in your face fourth wall move from one of the characters in the film citing scenes from certain movies and telling us that they doesn’t make sense on why they were doing such. Then, a group of people on their binoculars, watching from a far, are peeping on something. And that something is a rubber tire that has super powers. It has psychic abilities, telekinesis, that can kill living beings by making them explode. And when a human being is killed by the rubber, authorities hunt for the killer, looking for who the real culprit is.

I am sure that not all people will get this film and I am hopefully sure that if it won’t get any good box office returns then it will probably get something as awesome as cult status. Some people may even say that it is just a waste of time if you get to watch this film. Not for me, of course. A mindless script that tries to put logic was one of the intelligent nudges in this film.

Let us put it this way. Who the hell creates a film that places a harmless rubber tire in a very aggressive situation and kills people even? It was really pointless but at the same time it made sense. It feels exactly one those b-movie films created in the eighties. As a fan, I was fascinated with the whole idea from start to end. And I really feel blessed that I was one of the people who was able to experience something as nuance as this movie. Trust me; this is not an insult to the film.

Even the supporting cast, who cares if a lot of them died in the film, was effective given with most of them having just one-liners all over. It was kind of weird since you, the viewer, is exactly not sure if you are just the viewer in the second degree. It was the different levels in the movie that also made me like it even more.

I just have one wish for the film. Don’t make any sequels, even if it looks like it was going that way at the end. I just hope that they preserve the novelty of the movie.


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