T500FC, 459th: All-star Superman (Sam Liu, 2011)


With the high demand of direct-to-video animated films created by DC comics and after releasing their last successful movie, Superman / Batman: Apocalypse, they release something that is more personal and something independent from the DC multi-verse. It was originally a twelve-issue comic book that ran from 2005 to 2008. It also sort of follows the twelve challenges of Superman, which is not related with what happened with the mythological Hercules.

In summary, this is Superman’s last days on Earth. It tells us of how he professes to Lois Lane regarding his real identity, his love-hate relationship with Lex Luthor, and even the different issues that affects his daily life. It was a different take on your usual Superman story. One of the highlights of this movie is the transformation of Lois Lane to Supergirl as a gift from Superman.

The story is quite fast and a few scenes deemed unnecessary. I was waiting to be highly wow’ed but it seems that I have expected too much. To add, the title is a little bit misleading as I was expecting this film to be filled with Supermen much like one of DC’s first film, Green Lantern: First Flight.

Though it was quite understandable on why it was titled as such, it was the third time they created something in this sense, the first two being Batman and Robin. I guess I just have to accept it that way.

With the film’s focus mainly on Superman’s life, the portrayal wasn’t as grim as I expected. I mean, a lot of comic book lovers definitely had their hearts broken when the news that DC killed Superman a few decades ago. It was different this time. It was as if, he had just to go through a few months and then poof. It was kind of dramatic and it was a change since the film prior to this.

One of the most amusing premises of this movie is Luthor’s newfound outlook courtesy of Superman. It was just right to create a storyline independently from the main multi-verse of DC. And everything that goes in this movie could’ve been a hit a few years ago prior to the release of the ‘52’ multi-verse storyline.

This is perfect for DC comic book lovers in general and especially for those people who are constantly waiting for DC direct-to-video animated films. The DC people have been kicking the asses of the Marvel people ever since they started with these. And it is always worth it to see such.


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