T500FC, 457th: Kaboom (Gregg Araki, 2010)


A few years ago Gregg Araki directed a sort of unnoticed film entitled Smiley Face. The movie is about Anna Faris and a lot of weed. It was darkly funny. Last year, this guy released something for the LGBT community. It is a fiendish, science fiction about a group of students who encounters a lot of sexual development. So, imagine such genre, mixed with each other, and then shown to the audience unknowingly on who it was catered for. I know they want people to watch this film but it might be a risk for the certain majority.

The movie starts off with something Kaboom-ish. We have a young adult male who starts exploring on what his gender is. Dreaming of a naked guy roommate, with self pleasuring on the side and having sex with a female are one of the interesting scenes this movie provides. And much more to the weirdness of the film itself, with random masked individuals plying through some scenes and rendering our hero defenseless in some occasions where he encounters with that said lot. Our protagonist then creates conspiracies, unknowingly for us audiences if the things that happened to him actually took place.

Thank God, I am open to LGBT scenes already and I am glad I did not have to cringe in certain scenes, though the girlfriend, who started to watch this film with me, was obviously surprised. I’d like to say that I liked this film in a way of its supposedly sci-fi outlook to the audience. It wasn’t that obvious, for me, though but it seems like it was.

It was with the sex scenes that this film was leading to. It was as if almost every scenes in this movie featured skin after skin after skin. I am not complaining about it, if that’s what the directors portrays, and then go for it, right? But this film was not just for me. A few people probably enjoyed it and I am thinking that a second viewing would make me impressed with such. But right now, I still find it shallow.

Maybe, just maybe, if they have just focused on what was really the film is all about then it would have been easier for me to comprehend on what the film is trying to say. Now, if you love the movies, you might want to try this. Maybe the film has its own acquired taste that I am not just getting. Go for it and be surprised.


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