T500FC, 458th: The Mechanic (Simon West, 2011)


One can never be tired of Jason Statham’s approach to the action genre. He now stars in a film, a remake of a Charles Bronson classic. So far Simon West, the director, is still effective in mainstream cinema. His more popular titles include Con Air, The General’s Daughter, Lara Croft: The Tomb Raider, and When A Stranger Calls. This guy is not that new to Hollywood and The Mechanic is probably memorable, in a sense, this year.

Arthur Bishop, played by Jason Statham is an assassin who kills people who eventually looks like suicides or accidents. He kills one of his friends as told by his contact. He, then, meets the friend’s son, without telling him the truth, and finds out that he has the potential to be like him, a mechanic. Eventually, Arthur also uncovers something new about his contact and this ensues to more assassination and his relationship with his friend’s son progresses or not.

I am one of the few people who probably enjoy Jason Statham’s works. I’ve followed him as a crazy character in Crank, a survivor in Death Race, and a great support in The Expendables. He never fails to showcase his talent, maybe because this guy knows how to act. Well it is either that or the guy is extremely lucky. This guy has more than a dozen mainstream films already; it might not be a feat but it is kind of impressive.

He also pulled this one-off. I never saw the Charles Bronson version and it was quite interesting to see such film that is remade for today. It felt that the story was quite timeless or maybe the scriptwriter was just smart enough to recreate a movie to today’s liking.

Though the movie for me was quite hazy a little bit before the climax of the film, I still enjoyed it especially the initial hit of Arthur Bishop. One’s interest was probably, instantly, glued to watching it. And who could’ve forgotten the scene where the son tries to kill someone who is terribly larger than him. That heated scene was worth the buck, in my opinion.

Of course, more Jason Statham films in the future are always welcome. It doesn’t matter if he is stereotyped in such, one can still enjoy his various punches and kicks that enthrall all throughout the film. And if you are an action fanatic, this film is a sure win for you.


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