T500FC, 448th: The Roommate (Christian E. Christiansen, 2011)


Christian E. Christiansen, a Danish director, features a film about roommates and dorms in a college setting; he also directed Om Natten or At Night, which was nominated in the Oscars for the Best Short Film Category. This film stars Leighton Meester, who gave us the hit Your Love Is A Drug and who also acted in films such as Shawn Levy’s Date Night and Shana Feste’s Country Strong. And this thrilling film shares one obvious danger in school life nowadays.

The story starts off with a girl who just entered college. She meets her new roommate, Leighton Meester, and eventually gets acquainted well. It was all right all along until a few instances, unknowingly for the protagonist that Meester’s actions derived well to a sort of psychotic problem. She notices it and investigates the medical dilemma of the said roommate and finds out something that would really mess up her life with.

As much as I want to take your time discussing about this film, I’d like to say that I could’ve end up in a roadblock that I will forever falter. I know that I should’ve decided not to watch this, if it wasn’t for Leighton Meester, which is what I am really interested in terms of her acting capabilities, I would’ve watched a different film, probably Catharine Hardwicke’s Red Riding Hood.

It would be better if they created this film in one of those television psycho shows, if ever there was one. It was b-movie at its finest but it didn’t live up to its cult. And yes, it was that bad. I’m not sure where they got it wrong. Maybe they’ve used this formula over and over again that the supposed use of it didn’t give us anything new. Bad plot I suppose?

And no, using unknown actors is not the reason why this film leads to an almost non-watchable area of the spectrum. There is something wrong on how the film was presented. Think about this, if Lindsay Lohan did a comeback and did this as a remake, it might create good buzzes; as it is not bad to think positive always.

I’d like to recommend that people shouldn’t watch this film. But something inside of me wants to say that if you are a fan of Leighton Meester, go watch this, even if it was just a support for her.


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