T500FC, 445th: Adela (Adolfo Alix Jr, 2008)


The only thing that lifts surviving population in the urban poor areas is fantasy and disillusionment. Stereotypical as it may be but you’d honestly see this kind of thinking whenever you hear the news or just watching a variety show / game show with an uneducated host. They long to be accepted. They see survival as a form of morally just taking out the basic rule of objectivity amongst all of us. Adela inspires us to see what we usually see and we go blind whenever we observe such. This movie painfully gives us the life of a radio has-been who has to survive the sad life of reality.

Adela, played by Anita Linda, used to be a radio personality who now lives in a dump site. It is also the day where she celebrates her birthday. And with that the film runs from one scenario after another with the likes of Adela helping out a mother giving birth on the street, her relationship with a street thug, meeting a celebrity that she used to work with and in spite of her situation she gallantly says no to help, and the various lies she tell her dead husband on which what she really wanted wouldn’t be true due to a jailed son and a daughter who doesn’t keep her. Basically, this is the story of what happens during her birthday.

The movie starts to help keep the interest up for the viewer, which was wise for Adolfo Alix Jr, the director, to keep the audience glued and at the back of my mind I can think of the first two scenes: it includes the pregnancy scene, which was kind of funny and the other when Adela was doing her version of a radio monologue. The pacing for that was just right and the thing is Alix was able to mix it up with the long shot and silent scenes that conspicuously give attention to the view of the location.

This film doesn’t give the in your face attitude of Brillante Mendoza. It was giving the viewers the information of what happens in such, though the cinema greatly changes the real setting, it still gives us the basic idea. And much more than that, apart from the supposed depressing scenery, positive things can still evolve from such situation.

A definitely good Anita Linda film; this movie won a best actress nod for Linda and various Youth Critics Circle awards too. And even the trailer gives us a little bit of spoiler for the film, one can still observe and be enthralled especially with the gloomy climax. Heartbreaking.


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