T500FC, 440th: Hellboy Animated: Blood and Iron (Victor Cook, Tad Stones, 2007)


With the wonderful box office figures that Hellboy achieved, an animated version of the said franchise erupted from the ideas of a few people who wanted to continue the story of the movie, even if those stories were straight to videos, with this film being the second of the animated series, the first one is Hellboy: Sword Of Storms that I haven’t had the chance to watch yet, it continues the journey of the gang with the voices of the people in the live action movie used in this feature-length cartoon. Everybody knows that the stories are endless once you create a new world and if it is successful worldwide.

For this instance, Hellboy and the rest of the gang face Hecate, a mythological goddess that uses the power of witchcraft and sorcery. It all started when they had to investigate a house that is supposedly haunted by ghosts and such. Once they entered the mansion, they found themselves trapped in a lot of torture relics that were obviously used for witchcraft. And a day later, they face the different monsters and supernatural beings, hoping to survive and retaliate against the evil creatures.

One thing that makes the Hellboy franchise distinct from the other supposed big time franchise of Marvel and DC is its attack on the genre of fantasy and demons. We know they’ve overused the themes of zombies, vampires and mutants that an idea, such as using a demon to be the protagonist of a film or a series is actually effective.

The animation used in the film is quite recent, for obvious reasons, and I particularly liked the hexagon-ish style of drawing, much like the recent X-men, the animated series. The humor of Hellboy is still there, though the storyline of the animated film focused more on the group rather than just Hellboy, which I observed in the two big budget mainstream films shown in the last decade.

As spoiler-y as it is, it was glad to see the adopted father of Hellboy in this film. I know fans missed him with his demise in the second Hellboy film, and I am just glad that he is back, somehow.

Hellboy fans will definitely adore this take on the franchise. The sappy relationship of Hellboy and Liz is not that revealing though, which is what made Hellboy more adorable. Thus, this film might just look like another Avengers or X-men animated movie, which isn’t that suck-induced since I enjoy team-theme based films anyway.


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