T500FC, 437th: Gremlins 2: The New Batch (Joe Dante, 1990)


A sequel of a mainstream film is hard to create. Remember Transformers 2? The real fans of the film hated it. Enter Gremlins 2: The New Batch, one of the fairly memorable and forgettable films of the eighties. Luckily it was able to survive life somehow and I guess I am lucky enough to take a stab in this crazy comedy-horror movie.

The main gist of this film runs like its predecessor. The good and lead gremlin, Gizmo, gets to self-procreate, by accident, a new breed of evil gremlins. The middle part usually gives us the craziness of the evil gremlins that bestow upon a certain area, this time a building where the owner of Gizmo works. New gremlins are introduced including a super smart gremlin, a female gremlin, a flying gremlin, and a gremlin in a form of electricity. And at the end we are treated with a happy ever after theme, or is it.

Reading the background of this film surely made me more interested on how this was created. It was meant to be a satire of all sorts, not really following a direction of a good script but rather it should’ve been a purely enjoyable movie for all audiences, and I’m assuming it was meant to excite the fans too, which didn’t happen.

Aside from the supposed new breed of gremlins, that also provided a new set of personalities, we were provided with something that doesn’t fall under the gremlin canon. The first one, of course, is the different opening scene that featured a skit between the Looney Tunes characters. Then, there is the part where the gremlins had to break the fourth wall, the gremlins broke the movie itself and the scene involved people watching inside a movie theatre, and surprised the viewers with Hulk Hogan scaring the gremlins.

Though the movie seemed fit to its purpose, a lot of people, including myself, could’ve at least expected a different storyline. Something more serious, sort of, that could at least be memorable in terms of having a definite approach to the genre and not just being a movie where it was just made to look like one of those sketch shows.

I still found the movie endearing in a sense. Maybe a different wanting was what I am looking for. It doesn’t matter, the cuteness of Gizmo definitely outweighs the negative and oh, I almost forgot to say that Phoebe Cates is in the film. Rawr.


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