T500FC, 435th: No Strings Attached (Ivan Reitman, 2011)


Year after year I know the Hollywood people are going to bring in the different ideas about the relationship of a man and a woman. To try to make it more buzz-worthy, they attempt to: re-do the same formula, star a celebrity that hasn’t tried the world of the cinema much like what we usually do in the Philippines, and get two famous celebrities and pray that it would work out just fine.

Natalie Portman and Ashton Kutcher star in this sort-of quirky bubblegum pop film about a relationship of two people who doesn’t involve love, with sex as the main reason on why they are related to each other. Portman’s character provides the real deal in the situation where he tells Kutcher that they can do it but they can’t fall in love. Everything turns crazy when cupid plays a role, eventually.

Predictability killed the situation of this film. I remember Ashton Kutcher starred in a film, Nigel Cole’s A Lot Like Love, where the main run of the movie isn’t as conventional as the usual romantic comedy that constantly peppers the ordinary viewers, obviously catered to the dating community. And it would’ve been nice if they made this film as complex as the movie that I have mentioned. It felt like it was an episode straight from Sex and the City.

Though I’d like to see Portman’s new movie and I’ve been sort of drugged with Kutcher’s brand of films, this one went to a level where it seemed that they were just stealing time from my empty pockets.

Well, maybe I have seen too much of these films that I’d really want to try to see something new. Yes, you guys can use the same genre over and over but give us something new. Do you think the set-up of a couple doing casual sex is new? I’d rather go back to the day when I saw the memorable scene of Jane Lynch and Steve Carrell in Judd Apatow’s The 40-year-old Virgin, where Lynch asks Carrell if he’s ok with casual sex.

Date film, a film that loudly says that this is a date film. I guess you’d understand why Portman did something like this. Do something awesome and then do something light. Quite understandable Miss Portman, wow us with your next eh?


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