T500FC, 431st: The Witches Of Eastwick (George Miller, 1987)


It is quite clear why I only got to watch Kenny Ortega’s Hocus Pocus when I was young. George Miller’s The Witches Of Eastwick clearly gives a lot of sexual nuances that the adult-dom probably enjoyed when it was released on 1987. I know this film could’ve entered the lion’s den when it enjoyed its viewing during that year as it was the time when Filipino films were still the in thing. And watching it today was just timely and appropriate, much to my delight to see old-school Cher, Susan Sarandon, Michelle Pfeiffer, and Jack Nicholson.

It stars Cher, Sarandon, and Pfeiffer with their lives full with bore. The three is a member of a small coven and one day a man, Nicholson, enters their lives. Creating sexual relations on the side provided by Nicholson, the coven discovers that they have supernatural witch-like powers, much more to their dismay that the town now excommunicates them. To which, they try to fight Nicholson’s powers, hoping to achieve peace in their lives once again.

The eighties and early nineties provided us with those films that looked glum on the outside and widely spaced mansions and houses that greatly shape the story of a film. It was just right, as it was fairly easy for the director and the scriptwriter to control the story and for the viewer, so that they can easily follow the movie. It was so simple before that the viewer doesn’t need to rely on a film’s out of these world antics and you’d just have to follow where the film is taking you. You don’t need your brain to be engaged with but you know that it is still fulfilling to watch such, but not too much.

It was such a sight to see that the Hollywood greats of today worked in something as quirky as The Witches Of Eastwick. The twist and turns of this film seemed timeless; I dared not to do any self-predictability of the film, as not to ruin it and it was just right when the film didn’t do its ruining back.

I know I should say that this film is perfect for a family viewing and I have to reiterate it with a more semi-mature audience despite this film not showing any nudity. Movie buffs can still appreciate this film though. I think I can add this in my ‘films I can watch once annually’ list and I hope you do too if ever you catch this on cable or any other form of medium. And I do hope the Hollywood people would try to do something in this competence. The recent witch film that I vividly remember and happy to forget is Dominic Sena’s Season Of The Witch.


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