T500FC, 432nd: I Am Number Four (D.J. Caruso, 2011)


Hollywood will endlessly look for new young adult books to transfer and create a film version of it. Such idea can be tiring especially for a young adult literature fan like me. And we constantly pray that the movie version would pave way for more fans. I Am Number Four surely was intriguing; I mean you have to add that Michael Bay produced this film. And with that, it doesn’t mean that the film turned out that bad.

This film is a story of an alien who came to Earth when he was still a youngling along with other extraterrestrials, same of his age plus a set of guardians to protect them against the evil aliens. The antagonists go to the planet Earth and kills the first three, as the set of younglings who were sent to Earth are only killed chronologically making our hero the fourth, hence the title of the movie. With the matter at hand, our hero tries to run away and / or survive from the evil that is haunting him.

I remember when I saw the trailer of this film; I was sort of fascinated, but not much. I told myself that this could be something and I sort of told myself that I should watch this one on its first day of showing. Then, I lost interest. I don’t know why. Maybe, the fact that nobody even cared to rave about it or I sort of found the summary of the film silly. The concept was interesting and all but there is such a term as an intelligent viewer, people do follow the story and the visual should be extraordinary to one’s eyes to fully appreciate it.

So I guess we have to put this film in the “we shouldn’t have to convert this from book to film genre”, right? I know there are people who are going to disagree with me, I mean the film did garner gross revenue of 123 million dollars and that is quite impressive.

I’d like to give the film another chance but it may take a while for me to do it since I’d like to give the movie a proper judgment by reading the book first. Sometimes you’ll appreciate what is already known, having this film provide like a guideline to the book.


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