T500FC, 429th: Captain Blood (Michael Curtiz, 1935)


Aside from The Pirates Of The Caribbean trilogy, I finally found a pirate film that I enjoyed digesting, chewing gloriously on the side and patiently waited for its wonderful climax. Despite its near century old age as a movie, its appeal definitely sided with my liking and such approval can be rightly nodded by other movie buffs too. And Errol Flynn would grace me with his approval as this film paved way for him to give us other great movies such as Michael Curtiz and William Keighley’s The Adventures Of Robin Hood and Curtiz’s Dodge City. A man wrongly accused of siding with the enemy, Flynn acts as a doctor in this pirate film. What happened then is the English colony where Flynn is jailed was taken over by the Spanish colonizers. Flynn stages a jail break along with the other accused of rebellion against the English government. In the process of escaping, they took over a ship and started a pirate ship of their own. In which, Flynn’s pirate group was heralded as one of the successful pirates during that time. I usually am bored whenever I see the usual pirate story. It gets boring nowadays since year after year; Disney has been bombarding us with the Pirates Of The Caribbean franchise. I’m not saying that it sucks, what I’m telling here is that the pirate story tells the same narrative over and over again. One pirate film that I truly enjoyed when I was The Goonies, as it didn’t go to the usual pirate route and instead embarked on what seems to be a group of kids trying out to be Indiana Jones. There is a certain addiction that can be implied in case you see this gem. I think it has something to do with Flynn’s bravado as a pirate plus a fun and agreeable pirate crew. I almost told myself that I wanted a pirate when I saw this film. Kidding aside, it was kind of bothering since the film did not give me any boring moment. I mean this is an old film, right? Where the pacing is slow, and we actually have a pirate movie where they usually rely on talking since CGI didn’t exist before. I know that it will take a lot of encouraging for people to try out this film. But I still believe that if a movie is really good, you don’t need to persuade that much. You may say to the viewer that he or she can at least give thirty minutes of his or her time watching the film, if he or she doesn’t like it, then they can move on with their lives. And I think there is a possibility that that person might just finish the film instead.


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