T500FC, 426th: Saw VI (Kevin Greutert, 2009)


The Saw franchise naturally generated a lot of money milking the recent genre of torture slash horror films. With the first one having one of the most innovative films that was released years ago, we are now given a year after year release of declining film franchise coming from the people behind it. And it was just sad when Hollywood loves to create a lot of sequels that the basic principle of it is money and nothing more. And funny they’ve created a lot of confusing storyline during the past years that eventually Saw VI was probably the film where, after Saw and Saw II, people can easily identify where the film is headed.

With the numerous personalities behind the Saw franchise was probably deceased and primarily out of the picture, an insurance man is now the main protagonist of the film. He tries to survive the evil schemes that had been brought to him by Jigsaw, the supposed main antagonist of the franchise, or in this case, probably one his henchmen, which are the usual plot line that they have established unless Jigsaw is still alive to torture people, but that, would just be impossible. Our supposed hero will try to save office mates and people who are close or related to him.

The franchise has been gathering flak ever since Saw IV came out. Maybe it has something to do with the morals of the film. Gone are the days when people has the right to choose and more so the franchise leans on the darker parts of the torture spectrum. It was all for show. No more smart choices. And the people who are creating the succeeding films end up thinking of new ways to torture people. That’s it.

But one thing that is quite impressive in this film is on how it was portrayed. No more spaghetti type of storyline, which makes SAW IV and V and probably a little bit of SAW III forgettable. It was as simple as putting the supposed hero on spotlight. Personally, if the creators of the film are going to just make films based on the different tortures that they would imbue, at least give us a simpler storyline so we would just wait for the innovative killing machines, and that’s it.

And with that, I know the watching majority would probably enjoy this, as it doesn’t really require much brain to see. But despite that negative connotation, it is still fun to watch; fun in a sense that you got a new haircut or mani-pedi.


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