T500FC, 427th: Manoro [Manoro The Teacher] (Brillante Mendoza, 2006)


The admiration for Brillante Mendoza definitely increases based on this film. Apart from my previous statement that Lola was one of the films where sex wasn’t included in any part of the film then I may have to re-deliver that because Manoro The Teacher happens to be in the same situation. Apart from that, this sort of short film, as opposed to his other works, rely on one of our country’s favorite pastime, elections, or politics, it doesn’t matter on which is which.

The story gives us the life of a girl who enters the usual life of a student. She is a Filipino indigent, one of our locals who live near Pampanga, and she knows the supposed basics of life that would help a person of today to survive. She then tends to some local kids and teaches them reading and writing, much more to the adults who needed the same help as the young ones. In a mix of the current number of educated people in the Philippines, the idea of election is carefully intertwined in some later scenes of the movie.

This film is a great medium to emphasize what we currently have in our country. I know that the usual province, the ones where tourism is widely attracted upon by the foreigners, doesn’t need that much attention because they already have it. Now, the obvious task of reaching out the farthest part of all the regions in the Philippines is progressively moving, as shown in this movie. I think it is a good sign for our country; it seems that our children are the answer for our tomorrow.

What sucks though is what we currently have in our elections. It seems that election after election we encounter the same problem. It was as if that it would be better if the ignorant stays ignorant. But no, education can resolve this somehow, at least the ignorant, which is slowly educated, would at least see what is happening and why they are often tasked to do things based on the color of money. Shameful though for our politicians who take advantage of people especially in times like these.

Despite having a short run time of the film, Mendoza clearly gives us a statement and it wasn’t that bad since it imposes hope. It may not happen today but surely it will happen sometime really soon as things doesn’t happen overnight.


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