T500FC, 428th: Zerkalo [The Mirror] (Andrei Tarkovskiy, 1975)


Andrei Tarkovskiy’s The Mirror is one of the films made just to release one’s artistic touch, in his own liking and style of course. It doesn’t follow anything but it was just remnants of the director’s childhood, putting certain parts of his life in the limelight. It was just like a long montage of Tarkovskiy’s visual part of the brain wherein most of the scenes in the movie took place around the time when war was imminent, much more to what happened before and what happened after the crazy times of the de-spirited human.

Since the film doesn’t follow a straight-line story, as it is not that coherent on the basis of the first layer of the movie, Tarkovskiy mainly tackles a lot of his mind’s yearning to just create and shout out the experiences that happened to him during his childhood years. It features the ideal utopia plus the dangerous time of the Second World War.

I will not say that I fully understand the director’s mind when he came out with this movie when I watched this film earlier. As much as I’d like to examine the bits and pieces of the movie, I know I would just give out a lot of nonsense and jibber that I know wouldn’t even have tackle it since I might give out a different differential of such.

But having this film watched prove a challenge to my intellect and I know that it would be hard for me to share what I felt when I saw this movie, which is a great contradiction to my earlier statement. Much more to what I understood when I saw such since most scenes are quite hazy but there are a few that were tattooed inside my mind.

The initial scene where the stuttering child was taught to do it right was one clear take on the change that Tarkovskiy wanted, and probably happened when war was brought upon him, and the millions of people in the world, it was one of the effective introductions I’ve seen lately. It wasn’t that showy and it reaches the zenith to one’s sense to watch this film. The second scene after that, the one where the woman was waiting in the field, and then a stranger came walking to him, was, for me, more of a set-up to the beauty of peace. I know that this might not mean such as it might just be literally as it is, but that is how I looked at it.

I definitely think that a second viewing of this film is needed. Are there times when you just need to sit down and try to be trance by what you are watching? I guess this is one of those films that cater to such. It is not that overwhelming but it is very interesting to my appeal. And if you’re getting artsy-fartsy, go for this film.


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